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Don Relyea 
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Systemic abstractors vs pubic realists by Don Relyea-- Particle Generated Art
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Systemic abstractors versus the pubic realists
Systemic abstractors vs pubic hair drawing(43k shockwave generative drawing)!

Generative art / Algorithmic art -- Time based image originally designed for full HD 1080p.

I have been experimenting with the idea of conflict within a generative work. With programmatic or generative art it is difficult to capture the essence of struggle in a work that occurs in traditional mediums such as drawing or painting. In this work objects draw, abstract and erase while struggling with each other for control of the image.

These video samples are scaled down from 1080p:

Video sample( 640x360 42mb Quicktime mpeg 4 ) 1 minute 30 secs.
Video sample( 320x240 29mb Quicktime mpeg 4 ) 1 minute 30 secs.
HD 10 second silent clip ( 1280x720 15mb Quicktime mpeg 4)

"Systemic Abstractors vs. Pubic Realists" is an exploration of conflict within a generative art work. In a traditional drawing, there is evidence of the artists efforts to push and pull the image into place. Artifacts from buildup and erasure contribute to the character of the image and leave the viewer with evidence of a struggle between man and materials. In this art work, program objects fight with one another for control, the image is the evidence of the struggle.

In most traditional art forms such as drawing, painting and printmaking there is a natural struggle between man and materials. The artist applies marks to a surface, sometimes the artist erases or covers the marks up. When marks are erased in real life they are almost never totally obliterated, smudges and minute traces linger adding character to the image. The result of this interaction with materials, canvas or paper results in the work. The work shows evidence of the process. The work shows evidence of the struggle.

With programmatic art it is difficult or at least non-intuitive to capture the essence of struggle in a work. It is easy and often desirable to create optimized accurate algorithms that do exactly what you want them to do. If the programming is accurate there is never a need to erase. The obvious programmatic erasure is total deletion leaving no trace of what was there before. This project experiments with what happens when we try the non-obvious. We create algorithms that loosely render an image and then try to self correct the errors by erasing with a loosely accurate eraser. The hair particles are an ideal choice for a drawing tool. Because the hair grows erratically it will always grow out of bounds requiring an erasure. The eraser leaves remnants of what was there before, evidence of a struggle.

"Systemic Abstractors vs. Pubic Realists" is an exploration of conflict within a generative art work.

Technical Brief:
"Systemic Abstractors vs. Pubic Realists" is a custom software application that is coded in Adobe Director and C++.

In "Systemic Abstractors vs. Pubic Realists" there are several classes of program objects that battle on the image area for dominance and control of space. The systemic abstractors abstract what has already been drawn. They plot out a rectangle of space and create a concentric pattern based on pixel values surrounding them. The pubic realists are autonomous particles that grow hair and attempt to loosely render an image with a configurable degree of realism. The third class of objects are the erasers. There are two types of erasers, block erasers and hair particles that mutate into gray hairs. This class of objects evaluate the lighter areas of the source image and loosely determine whether the are is too dark. If so, the erasers erase.

See also Hair Particle Drawing project, example below:

Below is an earlier version of the algorithm also rendering a drawing based on a Marilyn Monroe image.